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Armed Services YMCA Program

The Department of Defense has contracted with the YMCA to fund memberships at participating YMCAs throughout the United States and Puerto Rico for the following Title 10 DoD Military Groups:

Qualifying Categories

  • Families of Deployed National Guard and Reserve
  • Active Duty Assigned to an Independent Duty Location
  • Relocated Spouse of Deployed Active Duty Personnel
  • Respite Child Care for Children up to Age 12
  • Community Based Wounded in Transition Units (CBWTU)

Getting Started

  1. Review eligibility guidelines to make sure you meet all requirements. Please note, only Federal Active Duty Status (Title 10), are eligible for this benefit.
  2. Complete the YMCA/DoD Eligibility Form.
  3. Take the approved eligibility form, a copy of your deployment orders and your military ID card to your local YMCA.
  4. Visit the YMCA Homepage to find a participating YMCA.
  5. For individuals attached to Independent Duty Locations, complete the Independent Duty Personnel (IDP) request form.  IDP requests must be approved by the Commanding Officer and the appropriate service point of contact. 


For questions about the ASYMCA, contact your service representative.  For a list of service representatives, Click Here.