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Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series

The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series (NOFFS) is designed to provide the Navy with a "world-class" performance training resource for Sailors, as well as Navy health and fitness professionals. Using the latest sports science methodologies, the logic engine for NOFFS combines both human performance and injury prevention strategies, resulting in safer training while yielding positive human performance outcomes. The exercises used in the NOFFS product are designed to replicate the activities Sailors conduct in their operational duties: lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying. Developed as a complete fitness package, the Fueling aspect of this resource provides Sailors with the tools required to make healthy nutrition choices in both shore-based and operational environments.

In 2009, Navy Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) began reviewing the existing exercise programs to determine how to best improve performance and reduce training injuries among Sailors. Using input from more than 750 Sailors, feedback was collected through focus groups, personal interviews and surveys from fleet Sailors, Command Fitness Leaders (CFLs), and health, fitness and nutrition professionals.

Data showed a clear demand for a product that would "eliminate the guesswork" in developing workout programs for Sailors - a complete "balanced" and evidence-based workout combined into one training program. Feedback also indicated the desire for a resource that is easy for Sailors to use, while being durable enough to function on operational platforms with typical space and equipment limitations.

Throughout the development phase, Navy SMEs worked closely with Athletes' Performance Institute (API) in all aspects of program design. API is recognized as an industry leader in human performance training. Many professional athletes and sports franchises around the world integrate API's training systems into their fitness programs to enhance their performance, while reducing their injury potential. This partnership has been leveraged to provide the Navy the same functionality and caliber of program design used by professional athletes from all over the world.

The NOFFS contains four specialized series tailored for use on submarines, surface ships, large decks and for group physical training. Designed specifically for real-world space and equipment limitations, these four categories provide Sailors three different levels of exercises that are based on current fitness and capability. While the NOFFS exercises are designed and illustrated to be used without supervision or direction, this resource is being incorporated into CFL training, and users should request assistance when needed.