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Mission Nutrition Course Overview:


Mission Nutrition is a standardized, science-based 2 day long course focused on improving your nutritional knowledge and awareness. In this class, you will learn about a variety of every day nutrition topics and ways to improve your eating habits as well as your overall health. Topics include grocery shopping, weight control and balance, fueling for performance, the effect of emotional eating among many other relevant subjects for discussion. Don’t expect a simple presentation either. In this course, you actually learn and practice some of the skills through a variety of experiences such as: workgroups & in-class exercises, take home assignments, exploring online resources, as well as visiting your local commissary.

For a more detailed description of what topics are discussed, click on one of the modules below.

  • Module 1: Diseases Associated with Poor Nutrition
  • Module 2: 
    • Part I: Basic Nutrition
    • Part II: Weight Control
  • Module 3: Navy Operational Fitness & Fueling Series: Meal Builder
  • Module 4: Emotional & Mindless Eating
  • Module 5: Fad Diets, Hot Topics, Food Myths, & Reading Labels
  • Module 6: Food Shopping, Meal Planning, & Eating Out
  • Module 7: Dietary Supplements
    • Part I. Introduction to Operation Supplement Safety
    • Part II. Human Performance Resource Center- Dietary Supplement Education for  Warfighters
  • Module 8: Tactical Performance Nutrition & Hydration

The course is available to anyone interested, available at MWR Navy Fitness centers that have a certified instructor. Ask your local MWR Fitness Staff to find out if there is a certified instructor on your installation.

Upon completion of the course, you will have gained the necessary tools and skills to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only does the course make a positive impact on you, but family, friends and even co-workers may be influenced by the positive eating habits you have created.

You also receive a detailed workbook that is loaded with useful information and an abundance of helpful resources.