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All-Navy Golf is an opportunity for Sailors with the appropriate skill set to compete at the highest level outside of the service academies. Golfers who are selected to attend the trial camp compete for roster spots available on the All-Navy Team. Once the All-Navy Team is established, the golfers will continue to work hard at practice and compete in several matches prior to the Armed Forces Championships.  At the completion of the Armed Forces tournament, higher-level playing opportunities still exist for a select few. From the golfers who participated in the Armed Forces tournament, top finishers, depending on availability, will move on to represent the United States in the Conseil International du Sport Militare (Military World Championships).



Application Due Date Location
31 July 2023 14-19 September 2023 Naval Base San Diego
Armed Forces
Date Location
20-25 September 2023 Naval Base San Diego
Date Location
1-8 October 2023 Naval Base San Diego
Men's Results
Place Team
1st Army
2nd Air Force
3rd Navy
4th Marines
Women's Results
Place Team
1st Air Force
2nd Navy
3rd Army
4th Marines
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