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    Step 1:
    Select your NOFFS Series

    To begin, select the desired series.

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    Step 2:
    Choose a Level and Stage

    Each series progresses through three levels of training, each with four stages (level and stage increase the intensity and volume of the training session). If you are new to the series, start with level 1 to become familiar with the movement skills and set a solid foundation for performance.

    Progress to the next stage when you have successfully completed the prescribed number of circuits in the allotted time. Progress to the next level when you successfully complete Stage D with perfect technique in the desired time.

    If you are advanced, it may not be long until you progress to the next level; however, it is very important to take the time during each stage to master the technique before increasing the resistance and advancing to the next level.

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    Step 3:
    How long do you want to work out?

    Each program has three different lengths of workouts. Choose a workout time and follow the program that best fits your schedule. If you are new to the movements, the duration of the workouts may be slightly longer. However, as you become familiar with the movements, you will be able to complete the series in the allotted time.

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    Step 4:
    Start your Program!

    Your training session will consists of five training components (see below). Work through each component to complete your training session.

    It is recommended to try to complete three to four training sessions each week. On recovery days, you can include the Warm up (Pillar Prep & Movement Prep) and Flexibility routines to assist in the recovery process and prepare you for your next training session.


  • Start your Program!

    Your Pillar – which consists of your hips, torso and shoulders – represents the foundation for all your movement. "Pillar Prep" primes these critical muscles to prepare your body for the work ahead – helping to protect you from injury and boost your performance during your training session.

  • Movement Preparation

    Lengthen, strengthen and stabilize your body. "Movement Prep" consists of a series of active and dynamic stretches to help prepare you to move.

  • Strength

    Strengthen the movements needed to perform on an operational platform. Pay close attention to the quality of your movement. Select a resistance that you feel challenged by for the number of reps prescribed.

  • Cardiovascular Fitness

    Boost your endurance, leg strength and speed through a variety of interval training options. The movements in this component are designed to target and develop your energy systems while efficiently burning calories.

  • Recovery

    A critical component to any training program, recovery brings balance back to your body, helping to relieve tension and the associated aches and pains, while enhancing your body's response to the training.

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