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Afloat Financial Resources

The Afloat Recreation Program requires various letters to be filled-out and turned in according to CNICINST 1710.5.  For Precommissioning Units (PCU), which will later become USS, they must establish an Afloat Recreation Program with proper fund administration, banking account established, designate successor in interest, tax exempt and more.  The forms below, listed 01-13, are template letters or instructions which support CNICINST 1710.5.  Some of these requirements are annual, such as the Recreation Fund Financial Statement, due by 1 Dec and an updated successor in interest letter.  Other templates include how to apply for grants or interest free loans.  If you have any questions about the templates attached below, please contact CNIC HQ Deployed Forces Support Program Manager at 202-433-3618, your homeport MWR DFS Program Office or CNIC Finance Office at 901-874-6603. The CNIC HQ Finance Office will return incorrect letters, so it’s always best to work with the HQ DFS Program Office or your local MWR DFS office prior to submission.

Commander, Navy Installations Command
Head, Financial Analyst N94
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-6520

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