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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the process to apply for participation in an All-Navy sport?

Obtain a Navy Sports application from your base Fitness/Athletic Director or from the Navy Sports website.

Fill out the application completely. Ensure you have your command's endorsement.

Scan and e-mail the completed application to:  ALL_NAVY_SPORTS@NAVY.MIL.

When is the completed application due to the Navy Sports Office?

Applications are due no later than 45 days before training camp begins.

When can I expect notification of acceptance or non-acceptance of my application?

If you are accepted, you will be notified by e-mail 10 days to two weeks before the sport begins. If you are not accepted, you will also be notified by e-mail as soon as possible.

I submitted my application, so why wasn't I accepted?

There are a limited number of positions available for each sport.  Please keep in mind that you are competing with other athletes Navywide for these positions.  The Navy Sports Office stresses the fact that you must complete the application in full. Many times, contact information provided by the athletes is incorrect and we have no way of contacting them. Please ensure that the correct commercial phone and fax numbers are provided, and that you submit an accurate address or geographic location, if you are deployed. The Navy Sports Office uses the height/weight standards set forth by the Navy, along with other criteria, to make its selections.

Since all available funded spots for the sport I want to participate in are full, can I pay my own way to the competition?

No. Once athletes are selected by the Navy Sports Office, they are the only athletes who are allowed to participate in the event.

Does my commanding officer have to approve my application?

Yes. In order to participate in any Navy Sports sponsored event, your must have the approval of your commanding officer.

What sports does the Navy sponsor a team for?

The Navy Sports Offices produces a sports calendar each year listing the teams it sponsors. If the sport you wish to compete in is not listed, then it is not funded by our office. You can view a copy of this calendar at your base Athletic Department or at the Navy Sports website listed above.

I have heard of athletes obtaining funding from the Navy Sports Office for sports that are not listed on the calendar. How is this possible?

The Navy Sports Program does assist athletes in a number of non-Armed Forces Championship events. These individuals have demonstrated a high degree of athletic ability at the national/international level in sports that lead to national, world, Olympic and Pan American Games championships. These athletes have already established themselves as world-class athletes and are capable of being competitive on an international level. The individuals are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Does the Navy Sports Office have a world-class athlete program?

No. Navy Sports does not have a program to develop world class athletes. Athletes must prove that they are already competitive on a national or international level.

Do any sports require individuals to get a physical examination before competing in them?

Yes. In order to compete on the All-Navy Wrestling team, you must get a physical examination and submit it with your application. The necessary forms can be obtained from the same sources as your application.

Am I required to have a passport for any events?

Yes. For all sports that lead to an overseas CISM Championship event, you must obtain a current passport. The offical business passport is preferred.

What can I expect if I have been selected to attend an All-Navy trial camp?

Congratulations on your selection!  You will receive your official invitation letter to attend the All-Navy camp shortly.  The invitation will request your command issue you no-cost TAD orders in accordance with the itinerary on the invitation.  Once you have your orders, scan and email them, by the due date, to  Failure to comply with the orders request and submission will make you ineligible to attend the camp.

Once your orders are received by the All-Navy Sports office, your flight itinerary will be sent to you via email.  Your actual ticket is electronic and prepaid so just check-in at the appropriate airline kiosk.  A member of the host MWR staff will meet you at the airport and transport you to lodging.  if you are traveling POV (this must be pre-approved) a set of instructions will be sent to where and when you should arrive.

There is no cost to your command for your participation in any All-Navy Sports activities.  The All-Navy Sports office will pay for travel, lodging, team uniforms, and provide a small stipend for incidental expenses.

If you are required to bring an official Navy uniform, it will be stated in the invitation letter.  This is the same for a passport.

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