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Afloat Fitness and Recreation Equipment Request

This program is for all units with a "USS" listing. Since ship schedules are very fluid, it's essential for commands to plan ahead. All equipment needs must be addressed 90 days prior to deployment. If equipment is requested only days before a deployment, your command runs the risk of not getting what they requested. Deployed Forces Support Coordinators maintain inventories of equipment based on homeport requirements. All commands must request equipment from the local Deployed Forces Support office.


Requesting Fitness/Recreation Equipment

  1. Identify a space and what equipment you think you need based off the Afloat Standards for your class of ship.
  2. Ask your Deployed Forces Support Coordinator to come out to the ship and validate your request.

Things to Consider

  1. If you are considering placing fitness equipment in a helicopter hangar on board which may carry a helicopter in the future, you must first have a plan for where the equipment will be moved.
  2. Moving the equipment to the exterior of the ship is not an option.
  3. Building a gym for the exclusive use of one group or person is not authorized.

Broken Fitness or Recreation Equipment

  1. Contact the Deployed Forces Support Coordinator office.
  2. Provide the following information: brand, model number, serial number and a clear description of the problem, including error codes on the display.
  3. The Deployed Forces Support Coordinator will determine if the equipment is repairable.
  4. If it is repairable, the Deployed Forces Support Coordinator will order the part or have a technician repair it.
  5. Some equipment may still be under warranty, so providing the brand, model number and serial number is very important.
  6. If equipment is not repairable, work with shipboard Supply Department to DRMO.
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