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Are NOFFS instructional opportunities for Command Fitness Leaders only?

No. While CFLs are the primary target audience,  NOFFS opportunties are available aboard installations with MWR NOFFS instructors to non-active duty populations.

How do I select the level I should start at?

We recommend starting out at level 1.  Mastering the new movements is the first order of business.  Once you have accomplished this, you may progress quickly through the early stages.  It's great to lay a solid foundation to build on for the rest of the program.

How many times a week should I exercise?

We recommend three to four training sessions each week. Mix in lower intensity days when training multiple days in a row.

How much resistance should I use?

Place an initial emphasis on the quality of your movement. Once moving with ease and confidence, select a resistance so that you are just able to complete the prescribed reps/sets. Each set should be challenging; don't cheat yourself.

How was NOFFS developed?

Navy MWR Fitness, along with other Navy fitness stakeholders, partnered with industry leaders in human performance to design and develop a system that provides the Navy the same functional and high caliber programming utilized by professional athletes and organizations all over the world.

The 30-minute program took me 60 minutes! Why?

The first few times you complete a program, you may find that you are a bit behind the time allotted for that workout. As you become more familiar with the movements and the workouts, you will begin to move more quickly through the programs. Stay focused during your session and you will become more efficient.

What are the NOFFS Series

NOFFS (Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System) is a complete fitness and nutrition program tailored to meet the needs of the Navy community. NOFFS includes four training series: Operational Series, Strength Series, Endurance Series, and Sandbag Series.

What do I do if I finish all the levels in the NOFFS?

Once you have completed all the levels in the NOFFS, repeat the series, focusing on movement quality and selecting resistances that challenge you.

What does NOFFS provide?

NOFFS provides the Navy with the “best in class” physical fitness and nutrition performance information that eliminates the guesswork and utilizes evidence-based practice to enhance physical performance and reduce the risk of injury.

When am I ready for the next stage/level?

You can progress to the next stage/level once you are able to: (1) finish the program in the suggested amount of time; (2) complete all movements with a high quality of execution; (3) progress through a challenging resistance for each movement in each stage.

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