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Mission Nutrition

Mission Nutrition is a standardized, science-based 2 day long course focused on improving your nutritional knowledge and awareness. In this class, you will learn about a variety of every day nutrition topics and ways to improve your eating habits as well as your overall health. Topics include grocery shopping, weight control and balance, fueling for performance, the effect of emotional eating among many other relevant subjects for discussion. Don’t expect a simple presentation either. In this course, you actually learn and practice some of the skills through a variety of experiences such as: workgroups & in-class exercises, take home assignments, exploring online resources, as well as visiting your local commissary.

For a more detailed description of what topics are discussed, click on one of the modules below.

Module 1: Diseases Associated with Poor Nutrition

 This module will cover the current state of obesity in the United States civilian and military population.  It will focus on several diseases associated with poor nutrition habits, sedentary lifestyle and being overweight and/or obese. You will learn and have a better understanding of what important nutrition is for both short and long term health.  Some of the common diseases that are related to nutrition and discussed in this chapter include diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and 2) cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia nervosas, the female athlete triad, and osteoporosis.


Module 2: (Part I: Basic Nutrition & Part II: Weight Control)

In this module, a variety of topics that are considered the foundational components of basic nutrition are covered. You will learn the importance of energy balance and the basics of the body’s metabolism, and how it directly relates to you. An introduction to the macronutrients, practical and useful weight loss strategies, as well as portion control are discussed. A variety of resources, such as and the useful information they provide are also introduced in this section.


Module 3: Navy Operational Fitness & Fueling Series: Meal Builder

The fueling series provides a wealth of nutrition content and handouts, and also offers a meal builder that provides optimal food choices menu plans, and specific calorie ranges. The essence of the system is for weight control, but we like to think of it more as a fueling strategy to get you to your goals. The recommendations in the zones provide a better idea of the amount of food that should be eaten to achieve your goal.

For more information link to the NOFFS nutrition page.

Module 4: Emotional & Mindless Eating

Emotional and mindless eating are the “real” reasons why people eat. You will learn the reasons why we eat even when we’re not hungry. It will also discuss strategies for better recognition of these external cues and deterring them in the future via preparing for hunger and understanding underlying reasons for food consumption. You will take away a better understanding of how to change your behaviors regarding food and how to meet your goals.

Module 5: Fad Diets, Hot Topics, Food Myths, & Reading Labels

In this module, truthful and factual evidence is brought to light on a variety of  popular commercially driven products. Some of the common commercial diets. Several myths associated with nutrition such as eating at night, whether nuts are healthy or not, vegetarian diets, and water for weight loss are also identified. You will also learn about food labels and the importance of being able to read and decipher useful information. Upon completion of the module, you would be able to answer basic questions regarding the nutrition facts label. Example questions include:  how many calories are in two servings of a certain food, or how many grams of saturated fat are in a serving?

Module 6: Food Shopping, Meal Planning, & Eating Out

This module offers insight into grocery shopping for family members of different ages and strategies to have healthy meals ready with limited time.  The use of convenience foods in food preparation, preparing large portions at one time and storing for future use and time management cooking strategies are covered.  The cost of these portion sized meals and how the Sailor population could save money by preparing and storing their own food at a fraction of the cost is also discussed. Some of the useful handouts include grocery shopping lists and quick recipes. If possible, you would also visit the commissary or local grocery store to get an in-depth experience of smart shopping, and learning what optimal foods to choose.

Module 7: Dietary Supplements (Part I. Introduction to Operation Supplement Safety & Part II. Human Performance Resource Center- Dietary Supplement Education for Warfighters)

This presentation introduces and educates members about a DoD initiative called Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS). The goal of OPSS is to provide awareness regarding the risks and safety of using dietary supplements. The audience will get a brief snap shot of what OPSS is, and learn all of the tools  that are out  there for them to utilize, including an “ask the expert” tool where sailors can text, email, or Facebook any question about dietary supplements and get an in depth response back.

Part II. Human Performance Resource Center- Dietary Supplement Education for  Warfighters. Gets into the details of dietary supplements, including covering the definition, regulation, supplements used by military personnel, safety risks, as well where and who to go to as a reliable resource.


Module 8: Tactical Performance Nutrition & Hydration

In this module, you will learn the importance of proper hydration for health, as well as get an introduction to sports nutrition concepts. You will be able to determine your own hydration status and learn how to calculate your sweat rate. Prevention of dehydration/hyponatremia will also be discussed in addition to when and how sports drinks should be used.

The course is available to anyone interested, available at MWR Navy Fitness centers that have a certified instructor. Ask your local MWR Fitness Staff to find out if there is a certified instructor on your installation.

Upon completion of the course, you will have gained the necessary tools and skills to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only does the course make a positive impact on you, but family, friends and even co-workers may be influenced by the positive eating habits you have created.

You also receive a detailed workbook that is loaded with useful information and an abundance of helpful resources.

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