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Command Fitness Leader Introduction

The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) introduces and delivers a multi-faceted and adaptable resource to Sailors, appropriate and effective for any environment, demand, and physical training program. Details on NOFFS can be found by clicking here!

NOFFS educational opportunities have certified Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Fitness professionals and active duty personnel across the Navy’s enterprise.

Navy MWR Fitness professionals utilize the knowledge gained through NOFFS certification process to deliver the NOFFS programs and education to the Command Fitness Leader (CFL) and Assistant Command Fitness Leaders (ACFLs) at each respective command. These individuals will then stand by to assist as a resource to the CFL/ACFLs for questions and implementation tools and strategies.

Once the CFL/ACFLs have attended a scheduled NOFFS educational course at their installation, they will possess the ability to effectively and safely train other Sailors within their command utilizing the NOFFS series. NOFFS educational opportunities available at CNIC installations include:

              NOFFS Short course

The NOFFS Short course is a6 to 8 hour course facilitated by certified NOFFS instructor at local MWR Fitness facilities. With both seminar and practical components, the purpose of the NOFFS Short course is to educate Sailors on the NOFFS methodology and Operational Series. This brief introduction provides the opportunity to explore the capabilities of the system and all of the tools and applications used to access NOFFS worldwide.

              NOFFS Strength, Endurance, and Sandbag Labs

Each of the 2-hour labs focus on the components of the NOFFS methodology within each of the Strength, Endurance, and Sandbag Series. The labs assist Sailors in understanding the movements found in the training phases to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness. Details on each series is found below.

  • The Strength Series helps to develop the strength that is needed to perform at the highest of levels. There are three training phases within the series intended to progressively build a user’s total work capacity and improve cardiovascular fitness: Build Muscle, Get Strong, Get Powerful.
  • The Endurance Series focuses on developing cardiovascular fitness while providing training methods to improve muscular strength. Frequently, endurance training enthusiasts focus on cardiovascular conditioning, neglecting complimentary components necessary for a well-balanced program, which places a great deal of stress on the body and, over time, can lead to training plateaus or injury. The workouts in this series are designed to assist with breaking through those training plateaus while decreasing injuries. To achieve this, we have also included additional training components in conjunction with cardiovascular training that are vital to your sustained success with endurance activities, including: Pillar Prep, Movement Prep, Strength, and Plyometrics.
  • The Sandbag Series provides you with a training plan that develops the raw strength and power needed to meet the performance demands placed upon you in any environment. This series progresses through three phases of training: Build Your Base, Gain Muscle, and Get Powerful. Each phase builds upon the work completed in the previous phase and preparing you for what’s to come.


When scheduled in advance, certified CFLs/ACFLs can attend the 5-day NOFFS Operational course when held at their installation or geographic area. 

NOFFS can be accessed anywhere in the world using the Apple iOs or Android application available at the App Stores.




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