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Fitness, Sports and Aquatic Safety

Personnel Safety

- Are you going to be playing in the heat? Click here for Heat Illness Prevention Tips

- Am I hydrated? Are my patrons hydrated? Click here for a simple and effective tool to self-monitor your hydration status: NOFFS Hydration Urine Chart

Facility Safety

- I have a great synthetic field. What should I do to maintain it? Click here for: Synthetic Field Grooming Recommendations

- My synthetic fields and venue are terrific, how do I keep them this way? Click here for Tips to Keep Your Field in Pristine Condition

- Getting ready to open your pool for the Summer? Click here to ensure that your pool is being operated as safely as possible. Daily Maintenance and Safety Checklist for Aquatic Facilities

- Ensure that you're authorized patrons are playing in a safe Intramural Sports league. Click here! Daily Maintenance and Safety Checklist for Sports Facilities