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Project Overview

The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) project provides the Navy with a "best in class" physical fitness and nutrition performance resource that provides guidance to Sailors and Navy health and fitness professionals. NOFFS instructs individuals on how to physically train effectively and safely, and how to make healthy nutrition choices in both shore-based and operational environments.

As the Navy is called to intensify operational tempo based on current worldwide mission requirements, it is imperative for Sailors to be physically fit. Physical fitness is an essential and critical component of operational readiness and meeting deployment schedules. Sailor resiliency and durability are the primary goals of the development and distribution of the NOFFS.

The purpose of NOFFS is to provide a complete physical training program that will "eliminate the guesswork" for:

  • the individual Sailor who is participating in his/her personal, physical training program.
  • the Navy health and fitness professional who is interested in obtaining a readily-prepared comprehensive and biomechanically-balanced individual or group physical training program.

The NOFFS project goals are to:

  1. Improve operational performance.
  2. Provide foundational and performance nutrition guidance.
  3. Decrease the incidence and severity of musculoskeletal physical training related injuries.

NOFFS provides Sailors with an evidence-based performance tool that will address injury prevention by physically training operational job movement patterns. Rather than focusing specifically on the physical readiness test (PRT), NOFFS emphasizes how to specifically improve the functional performance of a Sailor during daily operations, including: lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, aerobic/anaerobic demands, body movement skills with balance, agility and coordination. The focus of the project is to optimize operational physical performance and fueling for Sailors while preserving Navy combat power.

Functional Performance = Operational Performance:
Does the Training Relate to the Demands on the Job?

The Navy's operational environment places a unique combination of physiological and mechanical stress on the human body. This demand requires a systematic approach to physical preparation to ensure personnel are operationally efficient and can sustain a productive, healthy career.

There is a consummate paradigm shift in physical development from a traditional fitness model of isolated, single joint resistance to an archetype in integrated training systems based on movement, including:

  • Restoring Movement
  • Training Movement
  • Fueling Movement

NOFFS represents this training system as a professional medium to take care of the Navy's greatest asset: its people.

 2011 US Navy

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