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Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series Equipment

The NOFFS workouts can be accomplished using a variety of equipment, which can be found at shore fitness centers and on ships of all sizes. This equipment includes: Navy Fitness Fit Kits, dumbbells and any piece of cardio equipment. 

The Submarine Series allows users to accomplish their workouts using the Fit Kit for their strength portion, while the Energy System Development (ESD), or cardiovascular, portion can be completed by using the Metabolic Circuit or any piece of cardio equipment on board. The Surface Ship Series allows users to perform their strength portion with Fit Kits and dumbbells, while allowing the ESD, or cardiovascular, to be conducted using the Metabolic Circuit or any piece of cardiovascular equipment. The Large Deck Series takes training to a new level by offering the Fit Kit and dumbbells for the strength portion, and a variety of cardio options that include the metabolic circuit and any piece of cardiovascular equipment, and it introduces linear accelerations and six cone drills for areas with adequate space. In the Group Training Series, NOFFS uses the Fit Kit for strength training, while allowing flexibility to select from a choice of ESD, cardiovascular, exercises - metabolic circuit, equipment-based or linear accelerations/6 cone drills.

The Navy Fitness Fit Kit can be purchased by contacting Tactical Fitness, a GSA provider, or at your local Navy Exchange. 

  • To order via Tactical Fitness call 904-213-7649 or visit their website at:
  • To purchase at a Navy Exchange store, Click Here to find the nearest NEX.