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Training Program Information

Program Progression: Levels & Stages

Each training component will have three levels. Each level will progress the Sailor in either movement/drill complexity, or work-to-rest ratios. Within the training components of Pillar Preparation, Movement Preparation, and Strength, each level will contain four stages (A, B, C and D). Stages represent smaller steps of progression within each level.

The Sailor should progress to the next stage when they have successfully completed the prescribed number of circuits in the allotted time. They will progress to the next level when they have successfully completed Stage D with perfect technique in the desired time.

Duration of Training Session

During the focus groups, it was made clear to us that Sailors needed to have different time options for their workouts due to their busy schedules in their operational life. To accommodate this, we have built in three different time options for each training component, allowing them to create a 30-, 45- and 60-minute training session. This is communicated on the card by offering three training options - short, medium and long (S/M/L).

Equipment & Space

Each operational platform will have their own individual equipment and space constraints. The Operational Fitness Series has been created with these constraints in mind, ensuring each platform's training programs are able to be executed successfully.