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NOFFS Command PRT Workout

This NOFFS Command Physical Readiness Test (PRT) workouts is designed to follow the NOFFS 5-Week Conditioning Plan and further reintegrate physical activity in preparation for the upcoming physical fitness assessment. Individuals and Commands can use the NOFFS 5-Week Conditioning Plan and Command PRT workouts to improve operational readiness and reduce the severity of the injury.


STEP 1: Before performing the workouts review the NOFFS Command PRT Workout Manual.

STEP 2: It is crucial to properly hydrate and fuel before, during, and after each workout session. Plan your perfect day by using the NOFFS Meal Builder.

STEP 3: Proceed with the NOFFS Command PRT workouts below.

STEP 4: Complete the NOFFS Command PRT Regeneration at the end of each session.



NOFFS Command PRT Workout Materials